Frequently Asked Questions of B.A.C. #3

BAC #3 will do our best to create a positive working relationship with all our Signatory Contractors. A successful business relationship is based on trust and working together to create more market share for both parties. BAC #3 wants our contractors to make money; Contractors that make money, sign agreements and work our members, it's a no-brainer!

Below are a few of the most asked questions by open-shop (non-union) contractors. If you have other questions please call us;

Arizona (Main) Office - 602-273-7571

What does the union have to offer me and my company?

TRAINING, TRAINING AND THEN MORE TRAINING! We offer very detailed 3 & 4 year apprenticeship training program to create qualified Masonry Workers (Bricklayers, Stonemasons, Tilesetters and Finishers) that will help your company grow. Our programs are State and Federally accredited Apprenticeship Programs for the entire state of Arizona and New Mexico. These programs are also available for journeyman Masonry Workers who wish to advance their skills; Computer, Blue Print reading, to name just a few. BAC #3's AZ Apprenticeship program was awarded ARIZONA STATES OUTSTANDING APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM OF THE YEAR, 2006. Our Arizona masonry program is the oldest continuous masonry apprenticeship program in Arizona. Our apprenticeship program was started shortly after the Local Union was chartered in 1909, it became a State recognized apprenticeship program in 1959. Our programs are here to stay!

Pension plans for Masonry Workers, apprentices, improver apprentices and a voluntary 401(k) plan for Masonry Workers, apprentices, improver apprentices and office staff. The plan is also a tax write off for the employer.

Union Masonry Workers are more productive because they have pensions and health insurance, two less things the Masonry Worker needs to worry about and therefore they keep their minds on the job. Our Health Insurance eligibility is based on hours worked by the Masonry Workers. If they don't work for union contractors, they lose their insurance coverage, so Union Masonry Workers have better work attendance. Because of these simple facts your projects will be done on time and within budget.

Is the Union going to try to run my company?

Absolutely not! That's your job. Our job is making sure you have the best trained, most professional Masonry Workers available anywhere. If you'd like our help or advice, it's always available. But your business, is YOUR business!

What if I have a problem with a union Masonry Worker? I heard you can't fire them.

The agreement we have with each of our Signatory Contractors spells problem resolution procedures that cover just about every conceivable problem, including offenses that warrant termination. You have the full right to hire and fire, a union contract does not take that right away. BAC #3 AZ-NM is committed to working with you to make sure problems are resolved in a way that's fair for both parties.

Can I still use my existing employees?

One of the great things about "GOING UNION" is the flexibility it gives you. We're always happy to welcome new members into our organization, and we're committed to providing the training and certifications new members need to meet our standards. If you have current employees that you feel don't warrant the full wage of a Journeyman Masonry Worker but don't wish to lay them off; Our agreement through our Apprenticeship program has procedures to test those less talented Masonry Workers and to bring them in at a lesser scale as an IMPROVER APPRENTICE.

What about my employees' current 401(k) plan? Can they keep it if we go Union?

YES, your employees can keep any current "savings" plan that you offer. The union has it's own excellent retirement plan, which will save your company benefits administration costs, as they are included under the terms of our client agreements. Our Health Insurance Funds, Pension Funds and Vacation Funds are turnkey programs; No start up costs, no administration fees.

How am I going to compete with lower-cost, non-union contractors?

When you consider the higher productivity you get from union workers, competing with non-union contractors isn't as much of an issue as it seems. When you factor in the higher quality work union workers provide, you've got a strong selling point for your company.

What if the union just doesn't work out for me and my company? Can I get out?

Our contract specifies the period during which our agreement is in force and spells out renewal provisions. When your contract comes up for renewal, you are free to decline. Of course we're committed to doing whatever it takes to create a successful relationship and we can usually find a solution to any problem that comes up.

Who do I pay the benefits to?

Your company reports and pay the benefits portion on the Masonry Workers hourly pay to our Trust Funds. Our Trust fund is administered by Labor and Management. Once your company is signed the simple Trust Fund procedures will be explained.

How does the Health Insurance work? Can I use this insurance to?

Our Local Union offers two Health Insurance plans; One for Arizona Contractors, another for the New Mexico. They are both 80/20 plans that cover the worker, their spouses and any dependent children. Contractors and their office staff can also participate in the plans. Once the contractor is signed all that information will be explained in detail by our Trust Funds Third Party Administrator.

As the contractor, does my company pay union dues?

The Contractor DOES NOT PAY UNION DUES. Union dues are deducted from the hourly wages of the Masonry Workers. There is also monthly membership dues that is paid by the Masonry Workers. When a new contractor signs our agreement, all union initiation fees are waived for all their employees at the discreation of the ADC Director. Union dues are 100% tax deductible.

How does the Pensions work? How does the Vacation fund work?

Our Pensions and Vacation fund are administered by the ARIZONA BRICKLAYERS • CERAMIC TILELAYERS PENSION TRUST FUND & VACATION TRUST FUND and the INTERNATIONAL PENSION FUND. These Trust Funds are made up of Union Contractors and Union Members.
Point of Fact; Union Trust Funds, (Taft-Hartley) are the safest in the world.

The Vacation (AZ only) fund is a simple hourly deduction taking off the Masonry Workers hourly pay. 1 check is issued to that Masonry Worker from our Third Party Administer in the first week on December. Next to our Health insurance plan, this is the most popular benefit the Masonry Workers receive. This money comes just before Christmas, making it less likely they will be asking for company loans. Checks average amount is $400.

How does the Apprenticeship Program work?

The JA&TC (Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee) is also a Trust Fund and is made up of Union Contractors and Union Members. The Apprentice Coordinators and the instructors take their guidance from those committees. Our Apprenticeship programs are already in place and running. No start up costs to pay, our programs are turnkey. We have Apprenticeship offices in Phoenix and Albuquerque.
Federal Laws mandates that the Union and the Signatory Contractors work together to make ALL the trust funds work properly and fairly.



What does a Union Masonry Worker make an hour?

Please contact the Local (602-273-7571) or the ADC (1-303-777-9774) for this information.

If I sign a contract today, what about the jobs I have going right now?

BAC #3 will work with you on ANY jobs you have bid before signing a union contract.

If I sign with the Bricklayers Union, can I only work with Union General Contractors?

You bid and work with any General Contractor you wish!

If I sign with the Bricklayers Union, do I have to sign with other labor unions?

If you choose to sign, or not to sign with other unions, THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS, not ours.

If you have any other questions, Please contact BAC #3, 602-273-7571.